Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blog to Book

Have you printed YOUR blog??

My daughter is a great writer and started a blog when her first child was 5 months old.  It has been a great source of enjoyment for our family and loads of friends.  She has “met” and made friends from all over the world through it.  Her blog has been a great way for the family to see the newest pictures and adventures of their family.  Everyone loves it!

So, for Christmas I gave my daughter a coupon for a blog book that I would make for her.

I’m using Blurb.

I had a difficult time decide which service to use, but what sold me on Blurb was the ease that I could manipulate the pages.  I didn’t want a simple “slurp” from blog to book.  I wanted larger pictures and the freedom to design my pages.

This first book will have 200 pages and will go to my granddaughter’s first birthday.  Now that I am a “pro” I think the next books will be faster to create.  I think I can even save my custom lay outs from this book to my next ones, but if not, they will be easy to regenerate.

I’m gonna love seeing this book once it is printed!

If you are interested in printing YOUR blog, take a look at Blurb.  Click here for a good place to start.  I bet it is less expensive than you think it will be.

Once you publish your book, you can offer it for purchase in the Blub bookstore for your friends and family IF you wish. 

Here is a book you can preview and see how someone has created their book .  Just click Preview Book

You can also find simpler books from blogs in the bookstore, too.  Some are simple slurped overs and some are very imaginative.

I hope you consider documenting your blog.

Robbie Marie

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