Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Great Opportunity

Remember I said I was using Blurb to make my daughter’s blog book?  Well, check out THIS book at the Blurb Bookstore.  I had seen it there when it first went online from a note from the author, Judy Coates Perez’s blog Painted Threads.  Judy is an award winning quilter and continues to push quilting to new heights with her amazing many talents.  I have seen her quilts at several shows and they are beyond inspiring!

Here is your chance to check the book out yourself!  It is called “Painted Threads” by Judy Coates Perez.  Click here to go to the Blurb Bookstore and view Judy’s book.  You may even purchase it, if you wish.  Enjoy!

* Note that you can purchase a hard or paperback book, or a iPad/iPhone version.

Robbie Marie

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