Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tutorial to Ta-Da!

I just adore the amount of information and inspiration on the internet!  I’ve never taken a quilting class; I have learned most of what I know from the seat of my pants, but I feel I have learned much from the internet, too.

Case in point.  I saw a tutorial at Moda Bake Shop and thought it looked like fun!  I had a spare charm pack in my stash that wasn’t committed, grabbed it, and got started.  I made all of my squares, but couldn’t decide on a layout.  I was also held up because I could not find ANY fabric in town that matched at all for borders and backing… I finally found a fat quarter and then a piece large enough for my back.  A week later I was still playing with my squares; they just weren’t popping!  By kept at it and found that by outlining the patches with brown I found the definition I was looking for.  Yup, floating the brown border on the background and piecing in the orange triangles was a bit of pain, but I like the effect!


I stitched in the ditch around both sides of the brown stripe and quilted half circles in the orange border with orange thread.  The center was simply free-hand stippled with cream thread.


This was my inspiration at Happy Zombie: don’t you love the colors?

This will link to Monica Solorio-Snow’s tutorial at Moda Bake Shop: 9-Patchtastic Quilt.  Enjoy!

Robbie Marie

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