Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Remember these stockings?


Waaaaay back on November 3rd, I teased you with pictures of Christmas stockings my mother had made for my two youngest grandchildren.

Grandma/Great-grandma has given them to the little ones, so now I can show you.  When I had posted, they didn’t know which stocking went to which little one.

Mom has made stockings for my brother and I, our spouses and children.  Now she has made 3 for her great-grandchildren.  She finds a pattern which represents each of our interests, or personalities.  They are treasured heirlooms!

Thank you, Mom!  We all love you AND our stockings!


Here is my stocking and hubby’s along with the two bitty stockings that Mom made my children for their first Christmas.  THEY stay at MY house, grin.


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