Monday, September 26, 2011

Square Dance Quilt Technique

The quilt I am currently piecing, or quilting, is usually my favorite, but this quilt was the most fun I have ever pieced, hands down!Sept 2011 031

Initially, I had seen a picture of this pinwheel pattern.  I had the idea it was made from a square placed over four blocks and recut.  I got to work and figured it out using newspapers.  I didn’t know that there was a book and template already!

I found this link to the pattern AFTER I made mine: Square Dance.  The dimensions of the tool were similar to mine, but off some.  Maybe theirs is better.

Sept 2011 035


The PDF also linked to a published book.  I have since purchased it.  There are lots of variations beyond the simple version I made.



Square Dance by Martha Thompson

(The link is to a newer edition!  Mine was the first issue.  I wonder if there are more/newer designs in the newer one?!)

Check the process of making this quilt!  It was sooooooo fun to assemble!

Monkey Shines 1

This is the pieced quilt top I started with.  I used stash fabrics in red, red/white, red/black, and black/white squares.  You must also have a border.


Next, I  marked and cut my top.  Part of the fun is that you end up with squares which you can use for the border, the back, or another project!



Monkey Shines 2Monkey Shines 3

Monkey Shines 6


READY to quilt and finished!

  I want to make another quilt!


Sept 2011 027


  1. Love your quilt but I would be so afraid to cut into my already pieced quilt top.

  2. Какое красивое одеяло получилось . Жаль у меня нет такого шаблона .


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