Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I LOVE Vintage Sheets

I l-o-v-e everything vintage.  Vintage sheets are a new extension of my vintage craves.  I have spent oodles of time searching out the nicest, prettiest, and of course pristine sheets.  I found that I could make quilts, pillows, pillowcases, lots of things from sheet fabric.  They bring back all kinds of warm memories and thoughts of loved ones!

I’m toying with opening an Etsy shop to share some of my quilts.  I simply have waaaay more than I, and my family need.  I am just a quilter who loves to piece.  I adore matched points and perfect bindings, but there are only so many blankets you can put on a bed!
I’m curious if other folks love the patterns and colors of vintage linens as much as I do!  Here are a couple of my quilts. 
This is my bed with a sheet quilt upon it.  The bottom left-hand corner is turned over so you can see the beautiful backing.  [Click to increase the size, if you like.]  The pillowcases are also made from vintage sheets.  I make them with a deep inside flange on so your pillow doesn’t fall out.  [ I just HATE that!]  I hand crochet the edgings on all my pillow edges. 
The toss pillows are from sheeting, too.  The ruffles were cut on the bias and is soooo very soft and fluffy!

I quilted this quilt with a pantograph called Hyacinth – Grande from Urban Elementz.  It is a lovely design with interlacing feathers.  It is just lovely and one of my very favorite designs.
This quilt is a smaller and is so sweet!  Do you like it, too?


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  1. Hello,
    I belong to your hq group and also purchased a used machine recently which I adore. I have an etsy store and oddly enough sell vintage sheets and vintage linens as well as a few things I make.
    I too love the look of vintage sheets in a quilt. I have a question for you. Isn't it harder to quilt the quilts when you use sheets? Do you use sheets for the back also? Thanks for the information.
    Please visit my etsy store or blog.
    Sharon Beach Watson


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