Saturday, September 24, 2011

My favorite quilting ruler

Megan Best is my favorite quilting ruler. 

Whenever I do any stitch in the ditch, THIS is the ruler I reach for!  My hand isn’t very big, so I like the 5” ruler.  I love the way my thumb and first finger fit on the ends of the ruler for control.

The Megan Best ruler is clear and so easy to position.  My hopping foot slides along  smoothly and I can see my ditch clearly.  If the seam isn’t perfectly straight, the ruler is small enough to “wiggle” it to hit that ditch every time!  The notches on the ends line up exactly on the seam enabling my hopping foot to ride perfectly a 1/4” from the seam with the needle stitching in it every time!  It is just a perfect tool! 

This ruler makes me look sooo good!

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