Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aimee's Bowl of Cherries

My daughter has been blogging for a couple of years now. She has always had a wonderful way with words and her blog is simply delightful! Aimee started her blog several months after her first child was born. Her blog focuses on her family, but started out with her Piper. Piper was born with Down syndrome. If you have a moment, I highly recommend that you check her blog out. I just bet you will be surprised at what Down syndrome REALLY looks like! Needless to say, Piper is a doll and is the apple of everyone's eye, not just nana's!
Here are a couple of teaser pictures of 2 year-old Piper and her baby sister Adalynn aka Addy. Addy was born in May along with her cousin Bridger. Aimee and her husband, Luke, have their hands full of goodness! ~ Robbie

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