Thursday, August 2, 2012

New man in my life

I have a new man in my life.  Well, actually he has been around all along, but now he is at our home while his parents are at work.

My favorite grandson [okay, our ONLY grandson] is with me 4 days a week.  In a month, he will be here only 2 days a week.

My little “bear cub” is named Bridger and he is 14 months old. 

Here are a couple pictures I took when Granddad came home tonight.  I gave them both an Otter Pop while we were waiting for Daddy.  They were so cold!


It has sure been a lot of fun having you around, Bridger!


Robbie Marie aka Nana

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  1. Oh tears in my eyes - and he LOVES you too! We are so blessed to have you nearby and that you want to watch him. Thank you so very much!! Love you - Rachel


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