Friday, July 20, 2012

More Blocks

Today for some reason a man went into the neighboring suburb of Aurora and shot loads of shots into a movie theatre.  Like the Littleton Columbine High School and Bailey Platte Canyon High School shootings, it seems senseless.  I feel helpless and sad…

Today I sewed on my Just Takes 2 BOM blocks as I watched the television.  There was nothing on any channel besides the shootings.  The blue pieces of tape have the block numbers on them so I can keep them straight!  I don’t know why I had put these blocks off, they are some of my favorites!  I’m up to 50 completed now!


This is the applique block I worked on today.  I always (most of the time anyway, grin) use turned edge applique, but this block is stitched by machine using an itty bitty buttonhole stitch instead of by hand.  The center diamonds are done by hand, however, I have 6 more to go. They sort of looks like eyes, don’t the???  Isn’t it pretty??


Wishing you and yours health and peace!  Please, give your children an extra hug tonight.

Robbie Marie


  1. I know I have had a hard time this weekend due to the senseless act of one nut.

    Your blocks are beautiful I look forward to seeing them in person.

  2. His actions were pathetic, immoral and inexcusable! The whole situation is hard to believe and breaks my heart, too. I wish he had taken his life; at least then we wouldn't have to live through trials, too. Can you imagine being his parent? Soooo sad!

  3. Robbie your quilt blocks are always a delight to look at, love the colours :)


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