Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wow, I want to try this!

Our quilt guild is having an interesting challenge this year!  64 crayons were dropped into a lunch sack and everyone chose a crayon without looking.  Lucky me loves most colors, but I only only own “blue” jeans – I am not a blue lover. Can you guess which color I chose?  Robin Egg blue – which is actually an aqua to my eye.

I have been messing for months trying to find robin egg blue fabric.  Buying online is difficult because only the majority of the quilt has to be “your” color and I cannot find matching fabric if cannot compare them directly.  Yup, I’m that particular and blues clash!  If I’m going to make a quilt, it’s gonna look good!

So far I have selected a pattern with oodles of applique and there is a quilt show in town this week, just maybe I’ll find some fabric I love there!  I have been to all the local shops, of course.  Many do not carry solids anymore, just batiks!  If the solid is not of a high quality, it is too hard to applique, too.  I will use Kona; this is Kona 1514 – IF you can find it and I need several shades on both sides, lighter and darker. has been a help.  Too bad they are soooo near and yet do not have a store front so I can look around!  Believe me, if they were close I would work there!!!  Our guild president this year does!  She doesn’t buy fabric there, however.

I found a video on You Tube that may hold my answer!  It uses crayons!  Go figure!  This isn’t the way I’ve seen it done before; check it out and see what you think!!!!

by Terrie Linn Kygar


Here is a link to Terri’s book at Connecting Threads:  Creative Quilts From Your Crayon Box, by Terrie Linn Kygar.  I love this site because you can see multiple pages from books here!  As I am writing this, the book is on sale for 49% off – $12.50! 

Robbie Marie

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