Friday, July 13, 2012

Finished in time!

I have been a blog slacker and didn’t publish a picture of my 4th of July wall hanging that I finished.  I blame the loss of time on my innocent ,16 pound, 13 month old grandchild; how sad is that???

Addy took an ambulance (via 911, of course) from Flat Irons Shopping Mall to Avista Hospital in Superior, Colorado where she traveled via helicopter - 

to Children’s Hospital of Colorado in Aurora.  It took Mom and Dad a good 45 minutes to drive the 30 miles across town[s] to find Addy doing much better. 

Piper has been to almost EVERY clinic at Children’s (she has missed the cleft palate clinic, cancer and a couple others…) and now Addy is adding neurology to their mix.  Gad zooks!  With all of the testing done so far, it looks like the event was a one time deal, but oh the drama!

Piper stayed at our house waiting for Mommy, Daddy and Addy to come home from the hospital.  She was so sleepy and ended up staying the night.  It was a very long day for sure!



Did I mention that Piper has surgery scheduled for August 15th? It will be at Children’s, of course!

Oh, by the way, here is my wall hanging, grin.  it doesn’t show well on the crème paint in the front room, I may move it next year to the family room.


Robbie Marie

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