Friday, May 11, 2012

When Aimee was a bitty girl …



When my daughter, Aimee, was a bitty girl, I made her this exact same outfit!  I just made it again for her daughter!  When I pulled Aimee’s outfit out and it looked o-l-d and sad…  I still  had the exact seersucker fabric in the bottom of my stash, so with new lace and the same pattern, I made it again.  I always had Aimee in bonnets, so of course I had made a matching bonnet for her, but Aimee’s girls don’t wear them, so in just a little time I was finished.

I can’t wait to see Addy in it! 

Robbie Marie

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  1. Heavens how cute is that :) your sewing is truly gorgeous.


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