Saturday, May 12, 2012

Birthday dresses

May is birthday month!  My three grandchildren - Piper, Addy, and little man Bridger - all have birthdays this month!  What a fun time of year this is!  Piper and Addy’s party is next Saturday, May 19th.

My part for the girl’s parties are their dresses.  Last night I finished them!!  No peeks until the party, but here is amount – every single scrap – of leftover fabric.  There is not a smidgen in the trash as everything was straight cut!  I cut it pretty close, eh??  Phew!  At $12.20/yard I got my $$$ worth!

This week Aunt Ginny flies in for the party!  Hooray!  We can’t wait to see her!


Proud Nana Robbie Marie


  1. Cant wait to see them, as I am sure they will be just gorgeous :)

  2. Just enough for a yo-yo or covered button for a headbank to match :)

  3. Time flies so fast. Just a couple of months you gave birth to a healthy baby girl and now you and your family will be celebrating the first year of your darling babe. First birthdays are often grand. Everything must be perfect, from the birthday balloons to the food and party favors. It isn't everyday that your baby will turn one so this is a good time to splurge. Aside from the different intricacies of the party, there is one thing that you should care about as well and that is your babe's birthday dress.


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