Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Party Pictures!

I couldn’t make a post of Addy and Piper’s post anything as good as my daughter did!  After making a book using Costco’s photo shop for my aunt visiting from Cody, Wyoming, I decided to have you check the party out on Aimee’s blog.  Enjoy!  (Beware – loads of collages of pictures and smiles!)  Seuss-elebration

Oh, do you remember the balls from a previous post of mine?  They were little bits that you hydrate for plants…  Aimee used them for sensory stations at the party.  They feel soooo ubberly cool!!!  What a hit with the kids!  They were red and blue, but the red dye was strong and they ended up mostly red.  The second tub is full of dyed cooked spaghetti, another BIG hit with the kiddos!

P1040818  P1040816

If you can handle any more sweetness – check out this post of the girls brushing each other’s teeth!  Stealthy-Parenthood

NEXT party – Bridger’s first birthday party!  Stay tuned!

Robbie Marie

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