Sunday, May 20, 2012

Granddaughter’s Seuss birthday party

Yesterday was finally party day!

P1040579Addy will be one year old on May 22nd and Piper was 3 on May 11th.  Mommy and Daddy had a BIG party for Piper’s first birthday and wanted to do the same for Addy, so a big it was party to be!

The theme?  A Seuss party for our:  Little Thing 1 & Big Thing 3!

My part was pretty simple – dresses were needed to donned by two little girls.  They should be cute, but easy to move around in and, by-the-way, Addy is walking only when she wants to, so appropriate provisions should be considered.  Small tasks since both girls are bitty things, right???

Practice dresses had to be made to see if they would fill the bill.  Blouses had to be purchased and bought at the store.  Phew, good thing my job was only that big!

I made sample dresses until just the right styles were found…  I tried old patterns and used cloth I had around…  I tried them on dollies and on girls whenever I could…


So, take a look, see what do you think? 

Did I do good? 

Did they work? 

Did the girls look like Seusville, at least for the day?


And Mommy and Daddy, they dressed the part, too!


Pix of the party are coming up next!

Robbie Marie

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  1. Oh Robbie they are just perfect, you certainly are one clever gal :)


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