Thursday, April 26, 2012

Little dress

I wrote that I was starting a little dress for Piper out of a Eddie Bauer sheet a couple of posts ago.  I have finished and it turned out darling!  I made another dress out of the fabric for little sister, Addy, too.

With every project I do, I try to learn something.  With This dress, I practiced using a “ruffler” from my mother’s OLD Singer.  It worked fine with Janome 6500! P1040529  P1040534


Here is Addy’s dress.  One year olds need matching panties, of course!  I still have to find a bow for the front – another chance to check in on the goose at JoAnn’s!  (The eyelet is left over Daisy Kingdom eyelet from Addy’s mother’s formals from the 1980s!)


Robbie Marie

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  1. Adorable!!!

    I used to love to sew for the kids when they were little my favorite was matching overalls for the boys (including cousins) and jumpers for Rachel - not sure how long it has been snce I have sewn a garment :)


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