Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Goosey Quilter

For several years now 2 Canada Geese have built their nest at a local outdoor mall.  the gander was directing traffic in the street about a month ago.  He certainly was not intimidated by the cars!  We all gave him a big berth!   They certainly chose a HOT location for their nest this year,  the poor goose pants and sometimes just stands on top of her nest trying to cool off.  I know she would use a drink and a bit of shade in our unusually hot/dry spring.

Lucky for our feathery friends, Christopher & Banks and JoAnn’s have agreed to having the location barricaded off so the goose can relax a bit.

A sandwich shop up the row put wooden pallets over the beds to keep the geese away. The nest IS large and about 12” tall, but the small accommodation of barricades does not seem to inconvenience customers and certainly doesn’t discourage patronage! 

Hopefully they will return next year, too!


Robbie Marie

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  1. Thanks for making the world smile :) Candy


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