Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Saint Patty’s Day!

My son LOVES Saint Patrick’s Day.  No really, probably better than Christmas!  Well, his birthday anyway!

He ADORES corned beef and cabbage.  It’s always been a tradition for Grandma to cook some up for him and he waits all year for it.

When I found this tutorial on Pinterest, I had to make it!  I substituted shamrocks for the flowers and they’ll be ripped off Sunday and replaced by cute little flowers.  My little granddaughter will NOT touch it!

Below is MY version – I did not use “Fun Fur” but “Yarn Bee’s Haute Fur” from Hobby Lobby.  It was the same price and double the amount.  I used the whole skein, so I was glad I did.




Happy St. Pat’s Day, everyone!

Robbie Marie

(Tomorrow it is back to my Just Takes 2 blocks!)

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  1. I love the wreath and can't wait to see it! Good job!! He DOES love St. Patty's more than any other day of the year. Has been talking about it for months now, especially with it being B-man's first one. Rachel


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