Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Poor Duncan, or my dog isn’t that smart!

…or maybe he IS!

Let me start with poor ole Duncan.  This poor fellow is my daughter’s loveable big Yellow Lab.  He’s such a good natured pooch, cuddly,  and patient.  He’s the kind that jumps into the bathtub when it thunders…  You know the kind of dog I’m talking about. 

Anyway, Duncan got hurt this weekend.  He was playing on the slide at the park and decided to jump down instead of going down “the way you are supposed to”.  Luckily, nothing is broken and he’ll be fine!  Meanwhile, he has to sport this scary cast (it is really red and NOT girlie pink!)  How tramatic, don’t you think??  Ahhhhh, poooor Duncan!


NONE, no ONE of our family dogs is smarter than a whip!  Nope, none of the 4 Labs nor one of our 4 Boston Terriers!  Out of all of them, Duncan is probably one of the two tops -  and look where it has gotten him! 

So, when I saw this video, I thought, “Our dogs would NEVER be smart enough to do that kind of competition!  Look at that dog go – wow, is he something, or what?”


Well, watch and you will find the part where our dogs ARE as smart and that smancy-pancy show off dog! 

Robbie Marie

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