Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pinwheel pillow finish



Funny story behind this pillow.

Our quilting bee got together at Sandy’s lovely home in Pine, Colorado for a day of sewing some time ago.  I had brought a template that I used to make pinwheel quilts (like this red and white one I made)  that I was going to show the girls how to do it.  I taught elementary school for umpteen years, but I have never been good at explaining things to adults.  I shoved my pieces into a sack and there they had stayed.  At least until this week when I decided to make the pillow.  Lo and behold I LIKE it!  I ditch quilted the top and also stitched 1/4” off the seams with cotton in the bobbin and matching shiny poly in the top.  (You can see the quilting on the back of the top above.)

Oh, the picture of the pillow front is in front of the ONLY green in our yard here at the end of March.  I have hops vines in a big pot and because they are above ground the soil is warmer and they are growing!  Hurray!  Green!  My weeping cherry tree is about to burst into bloom; spring WILL arrive shortly.  Our allergies are proof positive that something is changing!

Robbie Marie

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