Friday, March 2, 2012

Kicked me!

These are the latest Just Takes 2 blocks I have finished.  The turkey tracks were easy.  I machine appliqued them; I used Sharon Schamber’s stabilizer and I turned-edge applique.  NO problem!
The half square pinwheel block was a breeze.
The broken heart block kicked my butt!  It was paper-pieced and worked fast and easily.  BUT, when I put it together I got the pattern I had the geese fling “out”!  I took it partly apart and walaaaa.  STILL wrong!  Now I had the arrows facing inward.  I thought about leaving it and not admitting it for about 10 minutes.  Then out came my friend “Mr. Rip” and we reassembled the whole block for the individual units once again.  I was a little worried that since I had taken the paper off that I might have some issues, but luckily I’m using Kona and good quilting store cotton.  NO problem!  I did choose to stay-stitch the border 1/8 inch from the edge for security while I await assembly instructions.  I believe that next month we will assemble the first quarter of the quilt.
Now when I look at my block I am pleased!  I won’t have to look at the quilt and cringe at that block!
Lesson learned?  Pay attention!
This BOM has been good to reinforce and stretch my skills!
Today I’m off to make the basket and burr blocks.
Here are the nearly released March 1st blocks.  You can download the blocks HERE.  The redwork is purchased separately.  I was on the fence if I was going to add it, but I think I will.  It looks so cute on this block.  I hope my block looks as nice

What do you think?  Are you ready to jump in, too?  If you HAVE already, let me know!
Robbie Marie

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