Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nichole Webb Inspiration


This is one of my favorite wall hangings.

The pattern is called “Here comes Santa Claus” by Nancy J. Smith & Lynda S. Milligan of Possibilities. 

I got the pattern at a long arm quilting group pattern exchange.  I didn’t know how to quilt the open spaces behind Santa until I saw this video by Nichole Webb

I confess, I stitched the holly using polyester machine embroidery thread and when I was done I did not like the color!  It was too light.  What did I do?  I colored each stitch with a darker green fine Sharpie marker.  Yup, I did!  Now I love it!  The Sharpie is permanent and the piece was saved without froggin’ (ripping out) all the background stitches just to change the color.  Win Win!!

Holly Bough by Nichole Webb

It was easy and fun!  If you like her videos, here are 2 more, her Lobster Claw Flower and Swirly Hearts.  Have fun!

Robbie Marie

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