Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In Stitches over Pinterest!

Do YOU Pinterest???

I am in love (addicted) to Pinterest.  It is the best way that I know of to keep track of quilts that I adore.  I have come to the conclusion that I will NEVER be able to make them all, sigh, but I love to love them all!

One of the best parts of Pinterest is the “pinning” process. You “pin” pictures from the internet that link back to them whenever you want to go and at the same time, folks that choose to follow you can likewise “pin” them from you. 

It is sooooooo much fun to see what appeals to other folks.  Sometimes it DOES influence how I will proceed with a project.  If folks pin it like crazy, it must have something that is more universally appealing.  But not always!  Sometimes the pins are just random!  It seems the simpler a project, the more pins it may attract, too!

Here are some examples of my pins.

I captioned this pin: “LOVE this quilt - From Kim Schaefer's Calendar Quilts”

It has been pretty popular with 28 repins and 7 likes.

I pinned it 9 weeks ago and I get a repin on it every day or so.  35 people wanting to save it is pretty good!


This is a pin that shows where I got the baby shower announcement that I used for my daughter’s shower in 2009.

I thought it was cute and thought other folks might want to take advantage of the tutorial and pattern, too.

It has 13 likes and 52 repins!  Wow!



I pinned this one because it was just fun!  It reminded me of my tea drinking/duck loving daughter-in-law.  I thought about making it for Christmas, but couldn’t locate the parts in time.

It has 1 like and 10 repins.

Kinda cute, don’t you think??


NOW check out these two!!!!

My highest pin is a tutorial on how to make tulle balls.  It has 14 Likes and 122 Repins!!!

HOW is that possible?  Well, every time someone repins from a repin from mine, I get credit for it, too!  Whoa, right???

NOW, look below and take a look at of one of my daughter’s pins!











These vases are filled with conversation hearts have 306 Likes, 12 Comments, and 1485 Repins AND still counting!  (She actually is over 2000 repins on her account’s statistics, but on the board these numbers are what shows – still not bad, eh??)  Can you believe it??  Wouldn’t you think numbers like that would be for something – earthshaking????  Every day we check to see what her new numbers are.

Pinterest is addicting!  You can catch my 37 boards and 2730 pins here, or by clicking my button on the bottom of each blog page.

Robbie Marie

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