Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trees are up! Bring Christmas on!

I have FOUR Christmas trees that I put up each year.  Yup, four!

They started with our typical big tree that was filled (stuffed) with our kid’s ornaments from us and their grandparents.  Tree one!

P1040004When hubby’s grandfather passed on, we inherited his foil tree and used it for years.  When Aimee’s boyfriend (now hubby!) and my son were in the service, the foil tree was replaced with a four foot pre-lit tree that was filled with patriotic ornaments.  Tree two.

Years passed and Aimee married and the ornaments she received from us and her grandparents each year went to her new home.  Justin married and his left, too.  By this time our typical tree was pretty sad!  The day after Christmas I set off to remedy that situation!

I lucked onto a big sale at Dillards one year and I got loads of Native American and western-type ornaments.  The turquoise garland was too much to resist!  The dolls were just so cute!  Each year I added to it. Soon I needed a larger tree.  Meet the after-Christmas 6.5 foot skinny tree from Dillards!  That makes 3 trees.


P1010873Next came a tree for my machine embroidered ornaments and snowflakes – tree four.

Justin was home from the Seabees and Luke from the Marines now so the patriotic ornaments joined the traditional tree.  Everything seemed stable back with 3 trees -for a bit.  Hubby could handle that!

UNTIL we became grandparents!  We needed a tree for the grandkids!  I found the cutest non-traditional colored ornaments and after Christmas I had the ornaments for another 4th tree!  I LOVE it!

That’s it – four trees and I love (need) them all!

Robbie Marie

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