Friday, November 4, 2011

My whole house a quilting studio?!

My adult children cannot move back home!  Aimee’s room now houses my quilting machine, her closet is my stash, and the desk my table.  Justin’s room is the grandbaby’s room! 

Just tellin’ you kids; it’s not like you didn’t know it already know though, grin.

So, I’ve kinda crept into the family room, too…  The library table really makes a great sewing space.  The room is large and easily affords setting up long tables to put binding on, etc.  It works just fine with “the girls” come over to sew, too.

BUT, if my hubby saw these photos, I think he’d be over the top!  I’m sure he doesn’t have plans for our pie safe and piano to be sewing storage.  Then again, do you think he’d notice???

Here is some of my inspiration; gotta L-O-V-E Pinterest!!!

(See that Hoosier?  My mom has one and someday they are going to go on vacation and when they come home, it’s gonna be missing!  Maybe I’ll put some shelving there and they won’t notice!)

Robbie Marie

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