Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why I am not getting much quilting done!

First and foremost, because I am a nana!  Man, do I love my grandbabies!

Another reason is that I am setting up an Etsy shop.  I have been listing some items in draft mode until I am ready to post them.  The learning curve has been a little uphill as far as descriptions and getting enough pictures taken, but it has been fun.

Last week my computer savvy daughter, Aimee, brought her computer over to help me make a header for the shop using her copy of Photoshop.  I hadn’t been able to figure out how to get the correct pixel size using Publisher or Word...  I really appreciated her help!


While my daughter was working, I was trying to shoot some background shots for the banner.  I tried several props thinking I could have my sewing machine show on the end, of the banner, or something, but I couldn’t get enough width in the shot for it to work...  I needed a looooong skinny image.     




Aimee was on her computer and I was busy messing with my camera when my little granddaughter, Piper, must have come in and noticed that SHE was not in my pictures!  When I looked up THIS is what I saw!  How cute is she???  She sure knew what she was doing, didn’t she?  Do you get the idea she has a lot of pictures taken of her?

“I’m ready, Nana!”

Thanks to Aimee (and Piper) my shop Quilty Bits 'n Whatnots should be up next week!


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