Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

Estes Park is known for many things.  It is the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, home of the Rooftop Rodeo, Elk Fest, Scottish Festival, and many many other tourist attractions.

Estes Park is also known for, and home to, the Stanley Hotel.  It seems most people know the Stanley from Stephen King’s novel “The Shining”.  What, you, too???  Did you know that John Philip Sousa and Theodore Roosevelt stayed there?  When Stephen King stayed at the hotel in October 1974 he was inspired to write the novel.  He actually wrote it while living in Boulder, Colorado.  The Shining was not filmed her, but actually external shots were at the Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood, Oregon and the movie was shot on sound stages in England.  The story goes that King was so disappointed that portions of the mini series actually were for the remaking of the film.

The Stanley Hotel opened by Freelan Stanley in 1909.  Freelan and his identical twin brother were co-owners of The Stanley Motor Carriage Company.  Here is my dad, Norman, standing in the lobby of the hotel in front of a 1912 original Stanley steam car.  This vehicle, and my dad, are in immaculate condition!  They are BOTH gems!


Here are some pictures I took while we were at the Stanley Hotel.  Kim is in front, followed by Aunt Ginny and my parents, Alice and Norman.  (Did you know that The Stanley has 138 guest rooms and there are several other buildings?) 


As we approached the main entrance we noticed that a wedding was taking place out front!  My niece is getting married here in October, and since we are not able to attend, we wanted to get a glimpse of this one.  We were surprised when we got closer…  We were not the only ones who were fooled!



Here is the grand staircase leading to the hotel rooms:







… and the hall looking back toward the staircase.  I’m in the area where a great explosion and fir occurred in early 1900.  Behind me is Room 217 – a favorite room to stay in at the hotel!

Here are some pictures from around the hotel.



Above are views from the foyer looking toward Estes Park, the Music Room, the elevator, and the check-in desk.

Here is a good resource if you are looking for information about the original version of “The Shining” if you want all the details!  The Shining (1980)

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