Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sssssshhhhhhh, don't tell Aimee!

So I soooooooo think my daughter Aimee needs this for Christmas; what do you think????

I have a feeling that she spends waaay too much on gas and this is the P-E-R-F-E-C-T solution!  The added benefit is that Luke could ride it to work on days that Aimee doesn’t need to go anywhere!  DOUBLE win, dontcha think?

There are even UPGRADES!!!!  Right now, I think both of Aimee’s kidlets will fit into the back along with the groceries, but as their family grows, they could add a seat onto the front!

Luke and Aimee could run a side business with it, too.  Luke could park it outside his office and make a few extra $$$ while he works!  (He's quite the gardener!)

Or, he could use it to help with his chores!  No gas needed, or wasted!

Pretty soon we’ll be seeing signs like this all over their town! 

Ding-Dong, I hear Christmas bells now, don’t YOU????

Mom / Robbie

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  1. Yyyyeahhh.. Let's get right on that. Because I'm the, ahem, "biking" type.

    Could I just have the $1500 instead??? :)

    Although, YOU could have it- let Hershey ride in the back, put a basket on the front for Stitch to ride... You'd be as iconic as the old guy who rides the recumbent bike all over town! :)


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