Sunday, October 30, 2011

Every Quilt Can Tell a Tale

I went to a quilt show/sale awhile back.  I was at a particular booth from a shop across town that I didn’t get to frequent very often.  They had a big tub of fabric scraps and was selling the random pieces for $5/bag.  I glanced inside the tub and lo and behold, there were Amy Butler prints inside!  I asked for a sack and began filling it with the pieces, grinning a little under my breath.  It was then I heard a lady muttering gruffly and loud enough for me to take notice.  I looked up as expressed her opinion that ANYONE having to “grovel for scraps” couldn’t afford the hobby and should leave!

I was embarrassed; I paid for my bag and sheepishly took off.  I will admit that I am frugal, I do try to stretch my $$$ – and I’m not ashamed of that, but she did hurt my feelings a bit.

I took those scraps and made one of my most favorite quilts!  I bordered each piece with a finished half inch border.  I used Amy Butler’s Spruce French Wallpaper print to make a border of squares that pulled the top together.  I then found another Amy Butler big print for the back.

P1010547I spent a lot of time quilting this quilt.  I stitched in the ditch around each square and then randomly positioned a circle inside each.  I love it!  It’s mine and there isn’t another like it!

This quilt holds a warm space in my heart and will never be up for sale by me.  The colors are bright and happy and the whole quilt sings to my soul!  When I see it I remember that we all see the world a little differently and what may be trash to one is a prize to the next.


Here is shot of the back.  The fabric is Amy Butler’s Water Lily.  The little doggy that I am NOT disturbing, is Stitch, my little Boston Terrier buddy; she is never very far away.


Moral of the story:  be nice to each other!  There may be more to the story than you know.

Robbie Marie


  1. Robbie, that quilt is BEAUTIFUL!! Glad you are keeping it. I've decided in 2012 to plump up my own stash and finished quilts. You are an inspiration for both your talent and your frugal ways. Sure can't tell the word "frugal" was any part of this quilt. It's a knock out!

  2. Oh Robbie, why are some people so mean? Don't they know how hurtful words can be? You were not "groveling for scraps", you were being selective about pieces for your masterpiece. Your quilt is unbelievable!!

  3. I love this quilt! One of my faves! And Amy Butler's fabric is beautiful (and not exactly cheap). I got a good start on my first 3 baby quilts from fabric I found in the "free to take" boxes in the front yard of an estate sale. Jeremy and I took as much as we could carry, and then I enjoyed culling through my new tiny stash for great vintage pieces, just the right size for quilt blocks.


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