Sunday, September 18, 2011

Flurry Quilt Pattern

I have a few days to sew, so sewing I am!

I started this pattern from Moda today.  (Why is it that with all my books and magazines, I still grab a lot of free patterns from the web????)  I have several Christmas prints and a little time, so I decided to jump on it!  I got a pretty good start today.

Each block has a flying geese unit in it.  I usually don’t make my geese the way the pattern instructed, but after our last quilting guild meeting, I decided to give it a try!

Linda Halpin was our quilt guild guest speaker last week.  She had a great lecture on scrap quilts.  She showed several of her quilts as well as the “bonus” quilts she made from the extra half square triangles she had left over from the original quilt. 

P1000453Linda showed us how when she makes her flying geese she starts with a rectangle and adds the typical square on each side, sewing diagonally corner to corner.  Her trick is to sew another seam a half inch away from the first one and then she cuts between the lines of stitching.   I used my Quilters Rule Quick Quarter ruler, but instead of drawing in the center of the ruler, as I might usually do, I made a line on both sides to get my half inch lines.  One line was from corner to corner and the other, a half inch from the first line.  It worked great AND I ended up with 32 half square triangles for another project. 

What did YOU sew today?

~ Robbie

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