Thursday, August 2, 2012

A couple of fun things

I have always loved this Topsy Turvy Scarecrow pattern from Happy Hallow Designs!  Last summer I found it at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum Garage Sale.


I pulled it out to put together last weekend when I was home with a cold.  THIS is exactly why you need a stash, right???  (The white edging is serged.  If I am doing a lot of embroidery, etc., I like the outside stable and not prone to raveling.  It is hidden inside the binding and may add a little fullness, who knows!)  I love applique by hand and machine!

I need to quilt this and then add “straw” and a corner buttons to finish it off!  I am watching the Olympics and the lighting in my family room is very poor, but you can get an idea anyway.  I’ll post it again when it is quilted.


This is another runner of mine that is waiting for another border, or two, and maybe some applique or embroidery  in the next border????  I’ve been stalling as I’m not sure where I want to go yet.  I love my stash fabrics I have pulled for this!  I wanted the gold diamonds to look like corn; did it work? 


Here is my Just Takes 2 BOM block with the applique finished.  The outside is turned edge and machine appliqued.  The center is all handwork.  (It looks like I should have taken a picture after it was pressed.)  The next set of blocks came up on the 1st, thankfully I finished the last set.  They were more straightforward.  I’m on the downhill side now for sure!


I’ve got my Halloween fabrics out now, but I cannot decide what I am going to do with them!  Any ideas???

Robbie Marie

New man in my life

I have a new man in my life.  Well, actually he has been around all along, but now he is at our home while his parents are at work.

My favorite grandson [okay, our ONLY grandson] is with me 4 days a week.  In a month, he will be here only 2 days a week.

My little “bear cub” is named Bridger and he is 14 months old. 

Here are a couple pictures I took when Granddad came home tonight.  I gave them both an Otter Pop while we were waiting for Daddy.  They were so cold!


It has sure been a lot of fun having you around, Bridger!


Robbie Marie aka Nana

Friday, July 20, 2012

More Blocks

Today for some reason a man went into the neighboring suburb of Aurora and shot loads of shots into a movie theatre.  Like the Littleton Columbine High School and Bailey Platte Canyon High School shootings, it seems senseless.  I feel helpless and sad…

Today I sewed on my Just Takes 2 BOM blocks as I watched the television.  There was nothing on any channel besides the shootings.  The blue pieces of tape have the block numbers on them so I can keep them straight!  I don’t know why I had put these blocks off, they are some of my favorites!  I’m up to 50 completed now!


This is the applique block I worked on today.  I always (most of the time anyway, grin) use turned edge applique, but this block is stitched by machine using an itty bitty buttonhole stitch instead of by hand.  The center diamonds are done by hand, however, I have 6 more to go. They sort of looks like eyes, don’t the???  Isn’t it pretty??


Wishing you and yours health and peace!  Please, give your children an extra hug tonight.

Robbie Marie

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Block 38–Unit 10


I haven’t needle turned in quite awhile!  This Just Takes 2 block was challenging and fun!

I’ve been putting the more difficult (time consuming) blocks aside and trying to keep up with the easier ones.  Now it is time to catch up on all of them and assemble the sections. 

Wish me luck; I love to learn new things!

Robbie Marie

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wow, I want to try this!

Our quilt guild is having an interesting challenge this year!  64 crayons were dropped into a lunch sack and everyone chose a crayon without looking.  Lucky me loves most colors, but I only only own “blue” jeans – I am not a blue lover. Can you guess which color I chose?  Robin Egg blue – which is actually an aqua to my eye.

I have been messing for months trying to find robin egg blue fabric.  Buying online is difficult because only the majority of the quilt has to be “your” color and I cannot find matching fabric if cannot compare them directly.  Yup, I’m that particular and blues clash!  If I’m going to make a quilt, it’s gonna look good!

So far I have selected a pattern with oodles of applique and there is a quilt show in town this week, just maybe I’ll find some fabric I love there!  I have been to all the local shops, of course.  Many do not carry solids anymore, just batiks!  If the solid is not of a high quality, it is too hard to applique, too.  I will use Kona; this is Kona 1514 – IF you can find it and I need several shades on both sides, lighter and darker. has been a help.  Too bad they are soooo near and yet do not have a store front so I can look around!  Believe me, if they were close I would work there!!!  Our guild president this year does!  She doesn’t buy fabric there, however.

I found a video on You Tube that may hold my answer!  It uses crayons!  Go figure!  This isn’t the way I’ve seen it done before; check it out and see what you think!!!!

by Terrie Linn Kygar


Here is a link to Terri’s book at Connecting Threads:  Creative Quilts From Your Crayon Box, by Terrie Linn Kygar.  I love this site because you can see multiple pages from books here!  As I am writing this, the book is on sale for 49% off – $12.50! 

Robbie Marie

Friday, July 13, 2012

Finished in time!

I have been a blog slacker and didn’t publish a picture of my 4th of July wall hanging that I finished.  I blame the loss of time on my innocent ,16 pound, 13 month old grandchild; how sad is that???

Addy took an ambulance (via 911, of course) from Flat Irons Shopping Mall to Avista Hospital in Superior, Colorado where she traveled via helicopter - 

to Children’s Hospital of Colorado in Aurora.  It took Mom and Dad a good 45 minutes to drive the 30 miles across town[s] to find Addy doing much better. 

Piper has been to almost EVERY clinic at Children’s (she has missed the cleft palate clinic, cancer and a couple others…) and now Addy is adding neurology to their mix.  Gad zooks!  With all of the testing done so far, it looks like the event was a one time deal, but oh the drama!

Piper stayed at our house waiting for Mommy, Daddy and Addy to come home from the hospital.  She was so sleepy and ended up staying the night.  It was a very long day for sure!



Did I mention that Piper has surgery scheduled for August 15th? It will be at Children’s, of course!

Oh, by the way, here is my wall hanging, grin.  it doesn’t show well on the crème paint in the front room, I may move it next year to the family room.


Robbie Marie

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Always something new to learn!

I came across a method of applique that is new to me!  I have done a bunch of techniques, but have never tried this one.  I seem to always go back to turned edge, but there are applications where it is just too time consuming, or the piece just doesn’t require it for whatever reason. 

I will keep this technique in my back pocket for an option in the future.  Check it out and see what you think of this method from Rose Hughes-

Rose Hughes

Here is a link to Rose’s website for a look at her work and books: Rose Hughes – Quilt Artist and here is a link to Rose’s blog -  Raven Speak Quilts.


Robbie Marie

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Half way there!

I love quilting because it is never the same!  I rarely do those quilts with 59 matching blocks, there are so many things to try that I just don’t have time, grin.

I’ve been catching up on my “Just Takes 2” free BOM from Sentimental Stitches and Dear Jane and we have half of the blocks now.  this week I’ve found time to sew and now I’m only behind the “hard” blocks, grin.  52 of 104 blocks have been posted – I cannot wait to see which blocks still lie ahead!

This is the second grouping; isn’t it great???  I have a few blocks to finish before I can assemble mine.  It is turning out soooo pretty – I’m glad I chose to stay with “reads” red and white, although I have seen some other lovely color ways. 

I am totally in love with this quilt!  This has a been a great chance to increase my skills and try blocks I never would have tried.  When I die, I hope this will be one quilt that the “kids” will hold on to and not put in the dog bed, grin.

This is a quilt I will keep for myself; I love it already!

Robbie Marie

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I just got back from Las Vegas

My youngest nephew graduated from high school in Las Vegas on June 15th and I was fortunate to be able to attend.  He had a wonderful ceremony and is a terrific young man.  We are very proud of his accomplishments.  Way to go, Jarod!

While in Vegas, we were able to spend time with Jarod’s sister, Kira, brother, Derek and their extended family.  Reunions are always fun!  We saw Kira’s lovely home and Derek’s new hot car, too!  My brother was likewise there as well as his wife and her daughter and family.

We drove to Las Vegas; it really is a lovely drive of 750 miles each way.  My folks and I made it in 2 days each way.  It was hot – thank goodness for air conditioning!  (Yesterday it was hotter in Denver than Las Vegas, however, horrors!)

One of the highlights of the drive was Ghost Mountain in Utah on Interstate 70.


P1050034  P1050035

We stopped at the pull off and at Ghost Mountain and found several Native Americans with their wears spread out on the sidewalk.  They were talking on their cell phones and had a nice car.  They were certainly more accustomed to the heat than we were! 

It was a great trip!

  P1050031 P1050033

Robbie Marie

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Whoa, it is hot in Colorado!

Today got to 104 degrees, whew!  104 degrees tied the hottest ever recorded in Denver in June and was an all time record for the day.abstract fire on black

Did I mention that our humidity is only 4%???

We have lots of fires in Colorado right now, it seems to be the story of 2012…  The two closest to Denver are:

  • Estes Park Fire – Woodland Heights Fire – near the Beaver Meadows entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park
  • High Park Fire out of Fort Collins – “Day 15: 75,537 acres, 45% containment, 191 homes destroyed, 1 person has died.

I hope you are staying cool!

Robbie Marie

Myrtle in a Mason Jar

Myrtle was popular at the small quilt action for our quilt guild this month.  It seemed everyone loved her and she added $45 to the guild coffers. 

The little quilt next to Myrtle was made by a 92 year-old guild member and went for the highest $.  It was a good night!

I was asked to make another doll for the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum benefit auction, so maybe there will be a “Mildred” next year!


Robbie Marie

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bye Bye Myrtle!

Tonight is the bi-annual Miniature Quilt Auction for Columbine Quilt Guild.

I decided to make something different this year, after all, everyone can make a miniature quilt, so I made Myrtle.  Myrtle sits in a quart Mason jar filled with wooden spools of thread which her skirt and apron conceal.  She is wearing pearls from a necklace of my mother’s from the early ‘50s.


The quilt Myrtle holds in her arms is a real quilt.  It has all the parts of a real quilt.  It has a machine pieced top, batting and a coordinated binding.  The quilting was stitched by machine and hand; the binding was finished by hand.

My husband says Myrtle looks just like me, grin.  At least our hair is the same color!  I had my hair cut last week, so she can’t look like me!

I DO love Myrtle and hope she finds a happy home!


Robbie Marie

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Little Man birthday party

Our little grandson’s party was yesterday.  It was a grand event all decorated with mustaches and ties.

Grandpa wore his overalls, cause he had a special gift that he had been working on for almost a year.  “Thanks, Granddad, it’s just what I needed!





The trailer was made from his daddy’s Red Flyer wagon when he was a boy.













It was a big day for such a little guy.  Happy Birthday, grandson, we sure love you!

Nana Robbie (and Granddad)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yup, I’ve been stitchin’ – a bit anyway…



This little wall hanging (22” x 32”) was just laying on my coffee table this morning, so I shot it!  It looks like I didn’t pay enough attention – the corner is flipped back and it is not laying flat, oh well.  Now it is off to be appliqued, quilted, and detailed!


Robbie Marie

(Patriotic Pride from Country Friends Go Quilting Book 2 by Gooseberry Patch)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Grandpa behind the camera!


So, Terry took charge of the camera for the rest of the day – enjoy!


Robbie Marie & Terry!

Party Pictures!

I couldn’t make a post of Addy and Piper’s post anything as good as my daughter did!  After making a book using Costco’s photo shop for my aunt visiting from Cody, Wyoming, I decided to have you check the party out on Aimee’s blog.  Enjoy!  (Beware – loads of collages of pictures and smiles!)  Seuss-elebration

Oh, do you remember the balls from a previous post of mine?  They were little bits that you hydrate for plants…  Aimee used them for sensory stations at the party.  They feel soooo ubberly cool!!!  What a hit with the kids!  They were red and blue, but the red dye was strong and they ended up mostly red.  The second tub is full of dyed cooked spaghetti, another BIG hit with the kiddos!

P1040818  P1040816

If you can handle any more sweetness – check out this post of the girls brushing each other’s teeth!  Stealthy-Parenthood

NEXT party – Bridger’s first birthday party!  Stay tuned!

Robbie Marie