Monday, June 11, 2012

Bye Bye Myrtle!

Tonight is the bi-annual Miniature Quilt Auction for Columbine Quilt Guild.

I decided to make something different this year, after all, everyone can make a miniature quilt, so I made Myrtle.  Myrtle sits in a quart Mason jar filled with wooden spools of thread which her skirt and apron conceal.  She is wearing pearls from a necklace of my mother’s from the early ‘50s.


The quilt Myrtle holds in her arms is a real quilt.  It has all the parts of a real quilt.  It has a machine pieced top, batting and a coordinated binding.  The quilting was stitched by machine and hand; the binding was finished by hand.

My husband says Myrtle looks just like me, grin.  At least our hair is the same color!  I had my hair cut last week, so she can’t look like me!

I DO love Myrtle and hope she finds a happy home!


Robbie Marie


  1. love the colors nice job! - Candy

  2. She is so wow, did you use a pattern for her? given your super clever did you wing it?


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