Monday, April 9, 2012

Too busy for many pictures

… but Easter was a great day!  I didn’t even get a picture of my sweet little grandson, Bridger.  If his daddy has one, I’ll update and add it.  Meanwhile, my daughter and her family, my son and his family, and my parents shared the holiday.  It was great being all together!

This is my daughter, Aimee, with her youngest daughter, 10 month old Addy.  The little stinker is taking up to 7 steps now – she’s in such a hurry to catch up with her big sister!


And this is little Piper playing in our backyard playing in the morning sun.  All is good with the world!  I hope you had a wonderful day, too!


Robbie Marie

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  1. I love seeing pics of those two cuties (and Aimee!)


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