Monday, December 26, 2011

Two new cars for Christmas!

Our family goes all out for Christmas!  It is not only a time to be together and eat eat eat, but we spend an entire year thinking about each other and planning gifts that will be “just” right for one another.

This year those perfect gifts included TWO new cars, or actually, a coup and a pickup truck!

Who were the lucky recipients?  No not hubby nor I, but two of our grandchildren, Piper and Bridger.  This is Justin and Bridger out for a test drive in the pickup that Uncle Luke made, it is sooooo cute!  (Aunt Aimee has vinyl lettering for it that says, “P---- Fire Dept.”  How cute will that be?


The girls needed a more “girlie” vehicle and Daddy (with a little help from Santa???) worked and worked in Luke’s garage repainting and detailing a new car for Piper and Addy with great care.  It was just what Piper needed!


“It’s P-E-R-F-E-C-T, Daddy!  It’s JUST what I needed!!!  Thank you!!!!!)

More pictures coming, Happy Nana

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