Thursday, December 29, 2011

How cool is this???

I have always loved playing with my hands whether embroidery, crochet,  quilting.  I’ve tried knots on occasion, but have never found a real use for them besides the good ole square knot.  I did find myself intrigued with some Turks head necklaces on Etsy from a shop called WesleyAsher.  A ball and chain were selling for $16.  I would never be able to replicate them, but I do love their look, especially three together!  I think it is the symmetry that catches my eye.

One night I was on YouTube watching quilting videos and came across some videos on knot tying.  I saw some beaded bracelets that I really thought looked like fun, especially since I have a bunch of beads.  Maybe I’ll try one; I like the bracelets that wrap 3 times around your wrist.

by Beadshop1

Then I found this video and am for sure going to try it!

by TyingItAllTogether

I guess a trip to the Army Surplus Store may be in order, grin.

Robbie Marie

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