Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cathy’s gift

I L-O-V-E journals!  My favorite is the old stand-by 9.75” x 7.5” composition book you can get almost anywhere.  I am picky; they be narrow ruled (college) or in graph paper and must have heavy covers.  Composition books are just the right size to tote around in my bag to make notes on, or keep information for occasions in.  I keep them with lists of what I cooked for the last holiday and what I made that I liked and didn’t like.  I keep one for sewing/quilting/embroidery notes.  I also keep one with measurements for projects I design, or have in my mind.  When I was shopping for a new stove, I kept one to keep my comparisons in along with addresses and prices.  How do I keep track of them all?  By their covers, of course!  I’ll post pictures of them sometime.

You might have guessed, I make covered journals for my friends, too.  Here is one I made for Cathy this year for Christmas.  It is one of my favorites.  The outside is 100% linen and P1010988the lining and binding are quilting cottons.  I always quilt them using thin batting simple quilting.  I serge all my seams for strength, these babies can stand a lot of action.

The embroidery on Cathy’s cover is from ABC Embroidery Designs – Anna Bove Embroidery.  It is from a font set called Victorian Whitework.  They are waaaaay on sale now, if you are interested j-u-m-p!  I paid a bunch more a couple of years ago when the set first come out.  I’ve used it several times and they stitch out wonderfully in a bit less than an hour.  Do you like it?


I considered listing journals on Etsy, but they take several hours to put together.  I guess I’ll keep them for myself!

Robbie Marie

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