Saturday, October 15, 2011

Don’t tell anyone, but…

Don’t tell on me, please, but I probably have 50 vintage sheets and I’m always on the hunt for MORE!  I just can’t seem to get enough of them!

P1010249When my grandparents passed on several years ago we found several packages of BRAND NEW unopened sheets in their drawers.  Why hadn’t they used them?  They had probably been gifts and were put away until they were needed.  The sheets they were using were “just fine” I am sure.  There were lots of things around their house like that, but I always loved those sheets, they seemed to remind me of them.  Vintage sheets are pretty, kind, unassuming, joyful, a little old-fashioned – just like my dear Grandma and Grandpa were!

Sometime after I had grandchildren of my own when I saw those vintage sheet patterns, my heart thumped a little.  Vintage sheets seem to represent all those good times I grew up with. 

P1010255My mom used to put flannel sheets on our beds in the winter and I can remember my brother running our feet fast through the sheets to make fire!  It was particularly impressive when the lights were off!  You did that, too, right?

So, I had all of these sheets.  Now what, I had to do something with them!!!  I started a quilt and I just loved the way it was coming out!  I was using a simple zigzag pattern   I had a beautiful new white sheet with little dot in the weaving that caught the light which was perfect next to the soft vintage sheets!  The quilt kept growing and growing.  I HAD to stop!  I will not part with that quilt!  I just love it to pieces!  I have a cute sheet on the back; this quilt makes my heart sing!


I chose the most feminine pantograph I could find for the quilting.  It had to have lots of feathers, of course!  It was so much fun quilting it and watching the texture declare itself!  Hyacinth Grande, Urban Elementz

I made 3 more darling sheet quilts, but what in the world would I do with them all?  I didn’t have family members clambering for them and everyone was telling me I could make a fortune with them if I would sell them.   I wasn’t interested in “a fortune”, but covering my supplies would be great, I thought.


P1010256The quilts were so much fun to make that I thought, what if in fact I COULD sell them?

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