Saturday, July 30, 2011


A dictionary might describe "skunked" as outwitted or defeated, you could even be skunked if you are outscored in a sport. Trust me, it can also mean you have been doused with the fetid odor by a member of the weasel family commonly referred to as a skunk!

Meet Stitch. She is my little sewing buddy and general partner in all things around the house. Stitch is a sweet little Boston Terrier with a curious propensity for finding trouble. Last week Stitch and a skunk had a confrontation in our backyard and I am pretty sure that Stitch got the back end of the deal! All in all it could have been worse, the skunk didn't go in the doggy door and we found out that diluted ketchup does suffice if you do not have any tomato juice on hand!  ~ Robbie

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  1. ...I think it's unfair to show your dog as a PUPPY here. She was the instigator, I'm sure, and although still cute, not that innocent little four pounds of love.


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